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Kitchen Grease Extract Cleaning

  • Even with the best ventilation systems, the accumulation of grease within your extractor fans, and ductwork is inevitable and will require a qualified expert to ensure your system is clean, safe, and compliant.
  • Due to the current pandemic, it is critical that your ventilation system is kept clean and safe, as this will prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria. The build-up of grease and debris can also lead to combustion. 
  • It is important to note that many insurers will not pay out if the fire was due to neglect and cannot show evidence of an appropriate cleaning programme.

Substandard hygiene work or neglect can be costly.

Many insurance companies stipulate that regular ventilation cleaning must be carried out in order to validate cover.

Providing ventilation routine packages to suit your business

Don't leave it to chance. Our routine duct cleaning package will ensure that your duct ventilation system is compliant at all times.

Our subscription package will ensure that you have an automated timetable scaled to suit your specific needs. 

  • Routine cleans often mean quicker cleaning times and lower costs
  • Thorough cleaning of intake and extract grills
  • Deep cleaning of canopies
  • repairing and fitting panels when needed.
  • Certificate of completed works.

How often should I have my Ventilation system cleaned?

Intervals between regular commercial extractor fan cleaning depend on usage. The table evidence’s the minimum recommended intervals according to the BESA’s TR19 best practice guidance.

* Factors to take into account include...

The table assists in assessing the requirements for cleaning frequency, particularly where cooking methods produce high volumes of airborne grease contaminants.